Money will not make you happy.

With a name like You, Money, Happiness, it can sound like we are promoting that idea, so we wanted to add this little disclaimer.

Happiness can have a complex meaning that goes beyond simple feelings of contentment or pleasure. The nuances, if you will, may vary slightly from one individual or community to the next, but there are a few key themes that are generally consistent for true happiness.

God-centered happiness —true happiness is found in God and living in accordance with His will. This includes seeking a relationship with Him, striving to understand and live according to His law, and cultivating virtues like love, kindness, patience, humility, and self-control. These behaviors come out of a salvific relationship.

Joy in trials — happiness can include the idea of counting it all joy when we face trials of various kinds (James 1:2-4). This doesn't mean that we should enjoy suffering, but rather that we can find a deeper joy and happiness in the knowledge that trials are part of God's plan to strengthen their faith and character.

Eternal perspective — Christians believe in the promise of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. This gives us a perspective of happiness that transcends our current circumstances. Even in moments of pain, grief, or despair, we can hold onto the hope of a future in which every tear will be wiped away (Revelation 21:4).

Community and Service — we are created for community and service. Therefore, happiness involves loving and serving others, being part of a community of believers, and working out Christ's Kingdom here on earth. Christ is on his throne, the territory is His, and we should help express his dominion over it.

Gratitude — God gives good gifts, so we should recognize that fact and thank God for these gifts. The money God gives us is a resource meant to advance His Kingdom. We should be grateful that we can use those funds, and out of thanksgiving make serving Him our top priority. Happiness can flourish in that environment.

Happiness is not so much a fleeting feeling as it is a deep, abiding joy and contentment that comes from living in relationship with God, in community with others, and in hopeful anticipation of eternal life.

Here and now, how we use money does have an impact on our emotions, and we hope that some of the articles you find here will help you earn, keep, and use money well.