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The You, Money, Happiness newsletters reaches an audience interested in personal finance, entrepreneurship, and side hustles.

What's more, a newsletter is a rare opportunity to promote your business, because in a newsletter you get the power of influencer endorsements with the benefit of trackable impressions and links.


Many of the You, Money, Happiness readers have a relationship, if you will, with our writing, especially Armando Roggio, the founder. So when they see your sponsorship, they think of it as more than an ad. For them it is a recommendation.

A recommendation is much more powerful when it comes from someone you trust. When a creator endorses a brand, it means a lot.

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Our newsletter has a high level of engagement, averaging a 46-percent open rate. Plus sponsorship rates are based on opens, so you know someone is engagement with your brand.


You can find examples of our newsletters online. These are updated regularly.

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