5 Ways X (Twitter) Can Promote Your Blog

Want more blog readers? Learn 5 ways to promote your blog on X (formerly Twitter) including threads, Articles & strategic sharing.

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Struggling to get your blog noticed? Still a powerhouse for engagement, X (formerly Twitter) can be a goldmine for attracting readers. This guide explores five ways to leverage X for blog promotion.

X remains one of the most engaging social media platforms and a great place to promote blog content.

In March 2024, it had some 250 million daily active users, who spent an average of 30 minutes per diem on the platform formerly known as Twitter. While some of those folks were no doubt watching vertical videos about some celebrity, many were learning, sharing, and discovering.

So why shouldn't they be discovering your excellent website and its fantastic blog? I think they should be, so here are a few ways X can help promote your blog.

No. 1: The Post

Don't get too fancy. Simply link to the post with a brief introduction or captivating image.

The unrepentant satire website, The Babylon Bee, uses this technique often. A recent stinger aimed at Disney's awful destruction of the Star Wars franchise included an article's title, an image, and a shortened link to the post.

A screen capture from The Babylon Bee on X.

You might disagree with the Bee's subject matter, but this easy tactic is a tried and true way to promote your blog.

No. 2: The Thread

Another classic, the tread lets you take X's tiny messages and extend them into a series. Because of this format, threads on X are engaging. When a reader is engaged, it is a good time to ask for something or make an offer.

Brian Feroldi, for example, has a thread from 2023 that outlines ten timeless investment principles.

Screen capture from Brian Feroldi on X.

Each of these principles is an individual post on X, and right there in the middle, Feroldi asks folks to register for an ebook, but for our purposes, this could have just as easily been a link back to a blog post.

No. 3: The Article

In March 2024, X introduced "Articles," a feature that lets Premium+ subscribers create and share long-form content, including stylized text, embedded images, and videos.

This handy feature, which frankly reminds me of Medium, can promote your blog in at least two ways, including:

  • "Reprints" — A duplicate of an article from your blog, linking back to the original piece.
  • "References" — An original X article that references and links to posts on your blog.

I am using the "reprint" technique in this very article.

You're reading on You, Money, Happiness, but this article is wholly reprinted on X. Go ahead, click and take a look. While you are there, please consider following me on X too.

A screen capture from the X platform showing the reprint.
Used the reprint technique for this very article.

No. 4: Ask a Friend

Asking a friend to share a link to your blog is not necessarily a tactic for the introverted (like me), but it is effective.

Here, the suggestion is to form an alliance with four or five like-minded X users. Each week, take turns posting links to another ally's blog.

For example, if you had four confederates and you numbered yourselves one to five (to include yourself), you could have a rotation like the following. In this example, you would get four links to your blog post in week one, and give out four links over a five-week period.

You Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
You Link Friend 1 Friend 2 Friend 3 Friend 4
Friend 1 You Link Friend 2 Friend 3 Friend 4
Friend 2 You Friend 1 Link Friend 3 Friend 4
Friend 3 You Friend 1 Friend 2 Link Friend 4
Friend 4 You Friend 1 Friend 2 Friend 3 Link

No. 5: Pay for It

Elon Musk made loads of changes to X. While the platform’s ad revenue has gone down, it would seem advertisers were not leaving X because ads did not work, rather they left for ideological reasons.

Their dumb mistake is your gain. In 2023, X reported that total ad engagement rose 22 percent. At the beginning of 2024, X was also the top-ranked social media network for content discovery.