Giving ClearVoice a Try Or How to Set Up a ClearVoice Account

With more than two decades of freelancing experience, Armando, one of the You, Money, Happiness founders, tries out the ClearVoice marketplace.

An AI-generated image of a fellow working on a laptop whilst working outside.
Freelance writing is a great side hustle.

ClearVoice is a popular content marketing platform that some would say is a good source of consistent work for freelance writers.

The service has been around since 2014, and Fiverr acquired it back in 2019 to expand its offering into the enterprise content marketing realm.

The key takeaway for freelance writers is that ClearVoice is a marketplace where you can find work with some relatively large enterprise brands. The pay —or so the reviews claim— is workmanlike and blue-collar, so you won't get a free lunch. But if you're willing to roll up your sleeves, so to speak, you can find work and get paid.

Giving ClearVoice a Try

If I can break into the first person (Armando here), 2023 is not the best time for me to add to my freelance work schedule. At the time of writing, I contribute here, at You, Money, Happiness, and to a business publication called Practical Ecommerce.

I also run a business unit for an email service provider and do all of the other things we call life. But freelance articles on You, Money, Happiness are well-read, and some newsletter subscribers had questions about freelance marketplaces.

So I decided to put myself out there and create a ClearVoice profile.

Account Set Up

The basic account creation process took less than five minutes and was easy to follow —nothing surprising.

A screen capture of the first screen in the ClearVoice account creation process.
The ClearVoice account creation process was simple.

In fact, if you are comfortable using a social media platform or any online software, you will find account setup a breeze. There is even an onscreen tour to point out areas of your profile to update.

A screen capture of the ClearVoice account tour.
A quick product tour showed me which sections to update.

Reading the terms of service took the most time at this phase.

Adding Work Samples

The next step was adding work examples so prospective businesses could see some of my previous writing. I posted 28 of these, which took about 30 minutes.

For each sample, you can paste in a URL and add a couple of fields of information.

The Talent Network

Finally, I applied to the ClearVoice Talent network. The short application asked four questions and requested a resume. Here are the questions.

  • What would you be a good fit for the ClearVoice Talent Network?
  • What inspired you to join the ClearVoice Talent Network?
  • Preferred price per word?
  • Minimum price per word?
A screen capture of the ClearVoice Talent Team message.
A quick email from ClearVoice let me know my application was received.